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Rock School website

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I created a new website for a rock school.

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Passport MRZ Scanner

Using Python and an API, I developed a passport MRZ scanner.

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Blockchain Voting System

I created a voting system operating on blockchain technology using solidity and ganache.

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About Me

Hello! I am an aspiring developer specialising in both front-end and back-end programming languages, eager to broaden my knowledge day by day.

I have always had a passion for new technologies, often eager to understand them and adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape. I have a particular interest in blockchain tehcnology and enjoy taking on the challenges of learning new programs, softwares, and applications.

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General Information

  • Employability Status: Available
  • Workplace Flexibility: Flexible
  • Based: Sparkford Rd, Winchester SO22 4NR
  • Phone: 07940 850017
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